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Futurist & Creative Services


Check out my futurist & creative services for your next project, pitch, or product.

Business Optimization

Want a realistic forecast of where your industry will be in the next decade? Knowing what’s coming in the next ten years gives you and your business enough time to prepare and pivot so you’re not only not left behind but ahead of the curve.

Branding & Product Ideation

Struggling to come up with a new product or business idea? Let us work together to create something that your customers will love.

Brand Optimization

Want to reach your customers with a more professional or relatable tone and voice? we can help you find the best platforms to reach your clients and create eye-catching content.

Future-Forward Public Speaker

In need of an engaging, knowledgeable, and comedic host, panel moderator, or MC for their upcoming event? Whether you're looking to inspire, educate, or entertain your audience, I have the expertise and experience to deliver a dynamic and memorable presentation.

Personal Optimization

Need help taking steps to move your life in a new positive direction? Our personal optimization service includes a hybrid life coach service to help you craft an individualized and actionable plan.

Future World-Building for 


Need a realistic edge to create a futuristic world in your next Sci-Fi pitch? I offer script and pitch consultations (under strict NDA).

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Whether you're a small or large business, start-up, job-seeker, or creative team that needs an edge - book a meeting today!

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