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Pause for Peace

The "Pause for Peace" collection by Zaria Gunn is a striking and thought-provoking series of digital watercolors that delves into the delicate balance between mindfulness and technology in the modern world.

Electric Ave.

The "Electric Avenue" series is a bold and vibrant collection of digital paintings that merges the artistic energy of the Harlem Renaissance with the psychedelic vibes of the 1960s. Featuring a range of neon hues and expressive brushstrokes, these pieces capture the electric energy of both eras and bring them together in a powerful and visually striking way.

Digital Black Artifacts

The "Digital Black Artifacts" series is a 3D collection of digital art that explores the theme of preserving and celebrating black culture in the digital age. Created using a mix of Dalle-2 and Photoshop, these pieces showcase digital remnants of black culture and invite viewers to consider the role of technology in preserving and sharing history.

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